After a spontaneous and life transforming spiritual experience aged 18, I have devoted my life to knowing the divine Love of my Soul and learning from the wisdom teachings.

Often spending hours each day practising, I have been blessed with countless “bliss outs” and at-one-ments, over the last 35 years, greatly helped by my ever-loving and ever-present teacher. 

I am teaching the Soul Opening course after being encouraged to do so by my teacher - and many people along the way. 

It is my soul/sole wish that while on the Soul Opening course, you will enjoy totally new experiences of peace, love and joy that come from your divine Self.


I am from the UK and am now based in Berlin. I have two children and have worked in the health sector as a trained nurse in both countries. I am qualified as a spiritual healer (NFSH) and have also published two successful spiritual books.