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Who to trust?

We have been spending a lot of time sifting through the news outlets, some traditional and some more independent, to try and discern the truth in personal, national and world matters.

It is not an easy task, as there are so many voices and so many counter opinions.

Whichever source we choose will have its own agenda and narrative, its own way of slanting the story.

So how can we ever be sure of the facts?

Often we cannot, but we choose our own trusted sources, or perhaps just ignore the news media.

Is there a truth - or a Truth - that we can depend on? 

I know there is and that is what I am offering to teach you on the Soul Opening course.

The world we live in is a changing kaleidoscope of mirrors and shifting sands. 

Even what we perceive through our senses, what we feel and think are all passing like shadows. 

Of course, we seek to find as much certainty as we can, but ultimately everything is impermanent.

The true spiritual path, which Soul Opening will help you with, shows the way to a dimension of unchanging Truth within you.

When you contact your Soul, you will know you are in fact the Truth, the “peace that passes all understanding” and that all around you is a passing show.

It will be the greatest relief you ever will have. 

There really is no need to worry - it is all taken care of.

Why this ignorance?

Why is humanity sunk in darkness, evidenced by a worldwide lack of spiritual awareness? If there is a God and we are His children, perfect Souls, why do we not know this and act as if this is the case?

The reason is because of our physical body. Our Soul is attached to it for this life and has to work through the brain and all the associated physical functions. And these are a very poor conduit for the love and peace that is who we really are.

Fundamentally the Soul finds it hard to express who it really is through the body. I would say only 10% of the Soul reality comes through the physical medium. Through meditation and a conscious spiritual life we may be able to double or treble this awareness from time to time and know the sublime wonder of the inner dimensions of our Higher Self.

Why this Suffering?

The next question which follows is: why are we suffering? Does God want us to fail and be unhappy? 

We are suffering because we do not look to our Soul, but are turning away, looking to our shadow - and this is not God’s Will.

If we go for a walk at dawn and the sun is up, our body will make a long shadow. If we turn away from the Sun (our Soul) and walk looking at our shadow, that is our decision.

The shadow is not “real” and the Sun did not create the shadow. It arose because of the body and the physical world.  

We find ourselves in this body and are following the shadow-body and the physical world paradigm, which is an illusion based on the separate mind and ego life.

If we turn around, and go against our conditioning, then we can see the Sun again. 

We cannot look directly into it (ie know straight away we are One with God) so we need to wear sunglasses and walk in a zigzag path (this is the effort we make in our spiritual life).

If we are walking towards the Sun, we will be going first one way east, and then the other way west, symbolising the winding paths our lives sometimes take. All that matters is that we keep the goal in sight and learn to love the Light and Peace of our Soul and God’s Grace.

At Sunset, if we have walked with the goal in sight, we will know a peaceful and blessed end and be welcomed into the night, or the sojourn in heaven.


What is spiritual intelligence?

Real intelligence is spiritual in nature.

We see many people using their intelligence to gain things such as money, a better job, friends, fame etc.

And when no harm is caused to oneself or to other people, there is nothing wrong about these pursuits.

But this is not the highest intelligence.

There are great scientists all over the world engaged in the noble aim of providing free energy, such as cold fusion. This will transform our world in immeasurable ways when it eventually happens. These scientists are certainly intelligent and respect to them.

But spiritual intelligence works in another way. It provides free and unlimited joy for anyone. It shows us how to contact a well of wisdom within, that can guide us to perpetual fulfilment, independent of any outer control.

Unlimited energy will provide amazing improvements for the world - in the right hands. But even that has room for human perversion and exploitation. 

But the spiritual Soul which is within reach of everyone will only bring peace and harmony into our lives.

It will show us what is worthy of our time and what we can forget.

It will give us self-esteem and a sense of purpose, just from knowing who we are.

I could go on ad infinitum about the wonders of the spiritual life.

This surely shows us what real intelligence is and who the really intelligent people are. 

If I am a Soul, if that is my reality, why don’t I feel this?

The Soul, who we really are, exists in perfect peace and pure awareness. It is here with us now and all the time, even when we dream, or in deep sleep. 

We do not feel this because we are captivated by the strong and heavy vibrations of our mind: what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell; our emotions and thoughts, memories and plans. 

These (and more) are the stuff of our life and we need to be focused on them in an intelligent way to cope with all that life brings us.

But we can at the same time develop an awareness of who we really are as Soul consciousness, because that is our birthright.

At the moment it is as if we are hypnotised by films on the television.

We are all tuned to the same channel, Me and the World, but have a choice of different programmes, some dark and cruel, some more about excitement and adventure and others more friendly and peaceful. 

The cruel and exciting programmes keep us captured in the duality of ‘me and the world’, but the peaceful programmes make us ready to switch channels to Soul One. This ‘readiness’ entails conscious spiritual practices, such as found on the Soul Opening course.

Soul One channel brings us to an amazingly fulfilling awareness of who we are: always at peace, loving, wise and self-luminous. It is so powerful we lose all sense of me and the world - there is just heavenly Oneness.

Having known the Soul One channel, we can again switch to Me and the World, because we still have to live practically in society. 

But we will never be the same again. 

We have expanded our awareness and broken free of the brainwashing of this world-media. 

To make this analogy more real, when we switch channels from Me and the World to Soul One, what really happens is that we get a blank screen. All the sounds and colour, emotions and thoughts disappear, which can be a little disconcerting at first. That is why we need a guide at this stage. But then we realise the screen is actually a bright, shining, self-luminous, eternally unchanging light of SELF CONSCIOUSNESS. And this welcomes us home.

Let Us Be Humble

When we look at our animal friends we know we are in many ways superior: in intellect, creativity, emotional and mental capacities. We can increase our level of superiority when we regard insects and the plant kingdom. This is our normal way of looking at ourselves and Creation.

For the sake of illustration I can give plants a value of 2i (intelligence factor): insects 10i: and animals 50i.

I imagine we would like to give people scores of 80-90i.

Yes, we consider ourselves to be pretty clever.

But then let us look at our body and contemplate all the million exchanges, reactions and adjustments that go on every second. It is mind boggling and totally beyond our capacity to take in all the processes second by second. Let alone design a living copy of the human body.

We can design a watch that keeps time, or machines that accomplish various tasks, based on how they are programmed.

Yet our cleverness pales into the shade when compared with the intelligent working of Creation around us.

So maybe we should adjust our intelligence quota to 60-70i.

And perhaps we can allow the possibility of greater intelligences in other dimensions that may well be scoring 500i or 5000i, which would put our intelligence in perspective.

Spirituality is more valuable than intelligence because it shows us glimpses of Eternity and Infinity and is always in peace. We are taught that the Soul principle is in all beings, which means that we should have respect for all living beings who carry the Consciousness bestowed on them by God. This awareness may not seem so developed to us, such as in plants or insects, but without it they would not be alive.

When we go into a lamp shop we know that all the lights shine due to  electricity, yet some are brighter than others and the night lamp can hardly be seen in the daylight. So it is with the Divine Consciousness that shines brightest in the great saints, less so in other people and hardly noticeable to us in the vegetable kingdom. 

So what can we take away from this realisation: we should be humble and thankful for the gift of awareness and life that we have. Humble to the divine Self within us (not in the sense of letting people push us around). And of course be respectful to all other beings on this world and others.

Rigorous Tests

Spirituality can put the aspirant through some pretty steep tests. The goal up ahead is nothing less than complete freedom from conditioning and the prize of resting in the eternally peaceful and loving Soul.

Sometimes we may find it is required to “fake it till we make it”. If we accept the premises of what our Soul is: ever free; immaterial; desireless; self-luminous; untouched by earthly effects, then at some point we need to act and behave as if these are true.

Then we are confronted with some challenging ideals which come from the values of the Divine Self. 

One such challenge is the giving up of “me and mine”. This is a way of describing the ego life, which thrives on me-ness, involute individuality, self-ishness and the right to possess things.    

But the Soul has no ego boundaries which need strengthening; nor can it ever possess anything because it (who we really are remember) is beyond the senses and the three dimensional world.

So looking at how strong our barriers of “me and mine” are and attempting to chisel them down with detachment, wisdom and love is an important part of the spiritual journey.

Headlines Scream

Headlines scream to get our attention and it's usually the most sensational that get it.
A good spiritual headline might be: 
"God's love freely available to all  - but no one turns up"
It is a wonder that so few people follow the spiritual path to discover the delights within and that there is so much lack of fervour.
It is as if people are rejecting unlimited peace and love, which is at their beck and call.
The answer is often given that people are not ready, not ripe.
And the next question might be "why not?"
The ageless wisdom depicts a long evolutionary path in many worlds and across thousands of lives. Our Soul must patiently wait while the attraction of matter which enthralls us as the personality, slowly lessens. Then shafts of Soul light can glimmer in the darkness of duality and the aspirant is stirred to begin the inner journey.
Until that time dawns, we are lost to follow the whims of our desires, which land us in quagmires of attraction and dislikes, gain and pain. 
But waiting for us is the prize of ceaseless peace and eternal Liberation - it just takes a little time, as measured against Eternity, to reach.

Next Worldliness

We believe that when we leave our body we then spend time in the next world.
There we can instantly move anywhere, we communicate by telepathy, travel to other dimensions and realms, we can view the akashic records, and see the future and past of any time and event. Those who have suffered find healing and their cup full. After our allotted time we take birth again on planet earth.
Some of those in the next world are compassionately involved in helping their brothers and sisters on this plane. Because of the stifling vibrations on earth this is painful work for them and we can be very grateful for their freely offered service.
But why is it that after being so wise and powerful up above, the bulk of humanity does not appear to be making much spiritual progress.
The shocking answer is that even in the next world people do not take to the spiritual path! They treat it as a general time of ease and pleasure and make it last as long as possible so as not to return here and confront all the challenges.
There are enough fascinating distractions to explore to keep people occupied in endless pursuits and while away the decades and centuries.
The environment in heaven is not in any way challenging, because we are drawn to where we feel comfortable by the law of affinity of vibration. And because of this peaceful existence, very few take the trouble to work on themselves and discover their Soul. 
But we on planet earth have this wonderful opportunity to discover our divine Self - exactly because of all the strife and tension. The stress and discomfort act as an impetus for some fortunate ones to discover the Eternal Self, which when known is so obviously the Path to Salvation. So make the most of this chance!

Reframe to Reenergise
We have all been there: something bad happens to us, then we fret and get irritated about the situation thereby making our predicament worse. Ideally we should assess what has happened and then try and improve the situation without getting annoyed or ruminating on it and becoming depressed.
Reframing can help with inculcating a more resilient mindset to cope with challenges as they come along. We can say to ourselves "everything works for the best...this is good for me.... it is making me stronger". If we imagine the opposite, then of course it will bring us down and so prevent us helping ourselves
It is a truism that it is not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to it that decides our future and shapes our character.
And here are two stories about this important attitude:

There once was an old Zen farmer. Every day, the farmer used his horse to work in the fields and he had kept him many years. But one day, the horse ran away. All the villagers came by and said, “We're so sorry to hear this. This is such bad luck.” But the farmer answered, “Bad luck, or good luck. Who knows?” 
A few weeks went by and then one afternoon, while the farmer was working outside, he looked up and saw his horse running toward him. But the horse was not alone but was returning with a whole herd of companions. So now the farmer had ten horses to help work his fields. All the villagers came by to congratulate him on his good fortune. But the farmer responded, “Whether this is good or bad, nobody knows."
A few weeks later, the farmer's son was helping on the farm and while trying to tame one of the new horses, he fell and broke his leg. The villagers came by to commiserate and said, “How awful. This is such bad luck.” Just as before, the farmer responded, “Bad luck or good luck - who knows?” 
A month later, the farmer’s son was still recovering. He wasn’t able to walk or do any manual labor to help his father around the farm. A regiment of the army came marching through town conscripting every able-bodied young man to join them. When they came to the farmer’s house and saw his son laid up with a broken leg, they left him where he lay. Of course, all the villagers came by and said, “Amazing! This is such good luck. You're so fortunate.” And you know the farmer’s answer, “Maybe... we'll see whether it is good or bad luck."  

The second story...

Once upon a time, there was a king in India. He had a minister who had great faith in God and would always say that whatever happens, happens for the good but the king never believed this and would tease what he thought was his simple way of thinking.
Once the king cut his finger and as usual, the minister said that all happens for good. Hearing this, the king became quite angry and when the minister would not change his view, the king threw him into prison. Even then the minister said that everything happens for the good - which made the king even more irritated.
A few days later, the king went hunting in the jungle and became separated from his soldiers and wandered into some unexplored territory, totally lost. He was ambushed by some tribesmen who captured him and brought him to their camp.

It was their custom to sacrifice any captured person from the kingdom, to please their jungle gods. So the fire and stake was  made ready and the king was prepared by the priest who gave him special markings as he intoned his horrific incantations.  

But as the priest was inspecting the victim, he noticed that the king's finger was badly injured. At once, he ordered him released as the gods would not be pleased with such an imperfect sacrifice.

Happy, due to the narrow escape from death, the king returned to his kingdom remembering his wise minister’s words that even his finger's injury was for the good.

Upon his return, he immediately ordered the minister’s release and welcomed him back in his position as the royal minister.
The king said to the minister, "I now believe that everything happens for our good, as my life was saved because of my cut finger. But, what about you? Do you still believe it was good for you to spend time in the dungeon, surrounded by rats and filth?"
The minister replied, "As you had put me in prison, I was not able to accompany you on your hunting trip. If I had been there with you, the tribesmen would have taken me along with you and would have definitely sacrificed me to their deity, as I do not have a cut finger!"






The Wonders of Science and Spirituality
We are living in a technological society, which is a totally new experience for humanity. One revered teacher opined that science has improved our lives incalculably more  in the last 200 years than spirituality has done in the last 2000! 
In the realms of health, transport, energy, household  products and entertainment etc. we are living in an age of unprecedented abundance. We enjoy things that even the grandest monarch of 100 years ago could not dream of!
And yet with all this, why is there a palpable malaise of depression and anxiety that beset many people, even those with "a lot more" than others?
Of course the reason is that all these improvements are material and cannot answer the inner needs we all have. These unanswered needs  are concerned with a feeling of belonging; of being loved; and being able to love.

And the quality of these factors are all important, as even the famous and rich complain about an emptiness present despite all their adulation and money.
True spirituality gives us a deeply felt self-esteem and awareness of divine love. Actually it was always there, but has been pushed away.

To bring it back we need to unlearn our conditioning, take off our armour and let in the light of the Soul. And what a joyful process this is, which gives us an overwhelming sense of purpose.
When the Soul opens around us, we feel we have stepped outside the box of our mind and are sitting on the beach of heaven, gazing into an infinite horizon. The palpable relief and ecstasy we feel is a testament to the reality of our divine Self and the Presence of God in the Universe. What else is worthy of our time and application?







Special Gifts
When we look at humanity and compare ourselves with the rest of creation we can observe an incredible ability to desire, almost in an unlimited way. Our closest cousins the apes have remained with their conditioned behaviour and in the same environment for millions of years. Dolphins exhibit tremendous intelligence and emotional range, yet seem content to just keep on being dolphins.
But humanity is blessed and/or cursed with an unsettled mind, plied with endless desires. Looking at different cultures we can notice the bewildering variety of activities and creative ideas people exhibit. This can make life fascinating, but can also lead to a permanent state of unease. 
Spirituality turns this on its head and strikes a revolutionary tone by stating - "stop desiring and planning all these castle in the air!"
What we had believed was our birthright and made life interesting is shoved forcefully out the window and is painted as our weakness.
Why? Because all these desires lead us away from our Truth  - the ever serene Self.
When we accept this new teaching, we will need time to gradually cut back on all our wishes and wants. Slowly replacing them with healthy, peaceful activities and feelings, which is what Soul Opening will teach you. This then becomes the Path which will lead to the Gate of Realisation, when all becomes CLEAR, in all meanings of that word. 

What is Wisdom?

Knowledge is defined as information in words or actions that is acquired by someone through a process of learning involving reading, hearing, seeing and thinking. So there is the knowledge (info), the knower (the person) and the knowing (process).
With knowledge, there is the person and a connection to be established to what is known.
But in spirituality there is a level far beyond this, which we might call higher knowledge of Wisdom. This Wisdom shows "what once being known, all is known", to paraphrase a text.
Wisdom is a true inner experience which awaits you as you practise Soul Opening, (or another inner awakening path). Here the triplicity of knowledge, the knower and the knowing vanishes. In its place there is only Oneness, an indescribable feeling of completeness, with nothing outside oneself.
Then one knows the origin, the cause, the self-luminous Soul, which one really is. And this is true knowledge or Wisdom that once known cannot be forgotten. 


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